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Diversity and Employee Initiatives

Diversity and Employee Initiatives

UniFirst employees

At UniFirst, we embrace behaviors and attitudes that foster an inclusive and respectful work culture where everyone can thrive. We also recognize the many benefits of a diverse workforce that include a greater variety of solutions to problems, a broader collection of skills and experiences, and an array of viewpoints to consider. Not to mention, more diverse Team Partners mean a better understanding of our diverse customers’ needs. We are also committed to practicing affirmative action in the hiring, promotion, transfer, and training of all Team Partners.

We also appreciate the value of education and recognize the importance of encouraging the leaders of tomorrow to develop their professional skills and expand their educational foundations through continued academic enrichment.

And, as part of our commitment to talent development, we heavily invest in ongoing training for all UniFirst Team Partners. With two departments dedicated to on-the-job training programs, we believe that there is no substitute for a knowledgeable team.